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Metrics Project Abstract

SCDM Innovation Committee is Consortium dedicated to reviewing and discussing Data Management practices as it relates to technology, standards and regulations, and influencing best practices across the BioPharma industry. In pursuit of that mission, a workstream has been formed to define key metrics which will be used to measure speed, quality, and performance across data management activities. At a time when quality and optimization are key themes across the industry, especially given global clinical site reach and multi-vendor models, utilizing metrics to enable key decision making is a vital component for operational excellence. Following the definitions of the metrics, the second objective of the workstream will be for each participating Sponsor to populate, anonymously, values for each metric in order to assess company performance compared to other participating Sponsors. By doing so, will help the team define trends, averages, and plausible opportunities for their own Sponsor initiatives.
  • Please read these guidelines before submitting your file.

    Please download the provided template to populate your data.

  • The submission of this Data is completely anonymous, however the SCDM team will need your contact details in case of any query regarding your data
  • Please use this format to name your file: StudyMetrics_CompanyName_mmddyyyy_Version#
  • Terms & Conditions
    SCDM hereby guarantees the confidentiality of information collected for this project and the anonymity of participation.
    Please read SCDM's Policies & Procedures for more information.

  • Data should be submitted in a downloaded copy of the template spreadsheet above (8MB max). Note! On submission of each data file a unique identifier will be associated with the submission so that you can identify your organization data. Save the code!