Updates from the Board – January 2019

Greetings in the new year from the SCDM Board of Directors!

2019 will be a KEY year for SCDM in many aspects.  It is a big milestone birthday for the organization and we will be celebrating throughout the year in many ways, so stay tuned!

Data Management has come a long way from where we were when SCDM started 25 years ago.

Remember 3-part NCR CRFs?

Remember waiting for those query results to be faxed back?

Remember double data entry and crossed out and initialed data changes?

Gone are the days where we needed to wait several weeks to see the data, we are now seeing data in real time, directly from mobile health devices and other e-source platforms.  SCDM has been active with providing data managers the tools needed to manage this effectively.  Please see the SCDM white papers for more details.

Electronic Data Capture is now the norm for data collection.  SCDM is here to help by providing guidance on providing specifications for these systems and on vendor selection in our GCDMP document downloadable for free here.

We now have tools available to measure quality and optimization of our activities within the clinical trials, and SCDM is providing insight to these metrics through our metrics project.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and New Technologies are hot topics, and our Fall 2018 Data Basics magazine has in-depth articles by industry leaders on these items.  This valuable resource is available to SCDM members on our website.

To those who have studied hard and passed the certification exam – Congratulations for joining us celebrating all things Data Management related!  To those who haven’t, we invite you to take your commitment to clinical data management to the next level here.

SCDM is looking to lead our industry into the future by providing networking opportunities at our conferences all over the world and we hope to see you soon!

The society is looking toward the future of Data Management and we want to remain the leading resource for Data Managers worldwide.  Is there a new technology or process related to Data Management that you would like to learn?  Is there a new chapter you like to see in our GCDMP?  We would love to hear from you!  Please reach out via email, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Thank you,


Jennifer Price

SCDM Secretary

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