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Pune Single Day Event

September 14

Data Manager to Data Scientist: Evolving Role in Digital Era

There is a rapid change in the current scene of the clinical landscape. The awareness in patients and general public have increased. They have started becoming more tuned with their rights and what is possible in the current technology infested age. Some embracing technology to gain the maximum benefits while some improvising to get better and get more out of advancing them. In all walks of life from young to the old the dearth of technology laced living is evermore increasing.

With such expanse in the way of life, the intellect and the change in the way we do our work in the clinical realm of space, it does require for any health care professional (HCP) an enormous jump in process and technology as well. With a smart upgrade we inch closer to better patient centricity and better patient care. A normal data manager will no longer be known for validation expertise or the inclination to tech but more in terms of how well one uses analytical bent of mind to be evaluative of the data he receives, raise reasonable doubts and question the authenticity and palpability of the data in the future treatment and care.

The total paradigm shift in the role and upgrade of the HCP will not only gain more efficiency and commitment but more credibility to the work we do at the same time bring the drug development time gap smaller and hasten the process of bringing the best medical care to the common public.

How is all this possible?

Join us in Pune to lean more.


September 14


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