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Insights into Data Integrity in the Age of Digitalization

June 15, 2019 | Hyderabad, India

SCDM is thrilled to invite you to the Single Day Event – 8th Edition on “Insights into Data Integrity in the Age of Digitalization” taking place in Hyderabad, India on June 15, 2019.

Data Integrity is one of the most important areas of consideration for clinical development these days where the use of technology support is being increasingly adopted.  FDA investigators continue to cite a significant number of data integrity observations during inspections. There has also been an increase in regulators taking action against data fraud or false information. They are keeping pressure on those with data integrity shortcomings, issuing a growing number of warning letters and FDA-483s every year for the past few years.

With a great change in the digital landscape for clinical development, it would be ideal for the Clinical Data Management community to discuss and understand more about the opportunities and challenges of fundamental Data integrity principles being implemented in the new digital world of affairs.

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Data Manager to Data Scientist: Evolving Role in Digital Era

September 14, 2019 | Pune, India

SCDM introduces the Single Day Event – 9th Edition on “Data Manager to Data Scientist: Evolving Role in Digital Era” taking place in Pune, India on September 14, 2019.

There is a rapid change in the current scene of the clinical landscape. The awareness in patients and general public have increased. They have started becoming more tuned with their rights and what is possible in the current technology infested age. Some embracing technology to gain the maximum benefits while some improvising to get better and get more out of advancing them. In all walks of life from young to the old the dearth of technology laced living is evermore increasing.

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Importance of Clinical Data Standards & Analytics in Era of Digitalization

March 16, 2019 | Delhi, India

SCDM is pleased to announce the 1st Single Day Event on “Importance of Clinical Data Standards & Analytics in era of Digitalization” taking place in Delhi, India on March 16, 2019.

Clinical trials are becoming more and more complex. In this era, how standards and analytics can play an important role in optimizing business outcomes. That is our theme for the first Single Day Event for 2019 at Delhi.

During our previous SDEs in 2018, we focused on how technology is changing the CDM landscape. The next step going forward is to talk about how standards are evolving in the age of digitalization. A standards-driven approach to clinical development enables more rapid study start-up and optimal data capture, facilitating the consolidation and aggregation of patient-centric datasets, interpretation, and integration. We will cover aspects of automation as to how repetitive tasks can be standardized plus exploring methods to efficiently process collection, management, and collaborate with clinical data. The other aspect of discussion also would be to explore and better understand the usage of MEDDRA and WHODD coding dictionaries.

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