Updates from the board – May 2018

Updates from the Board - May 2018

By Jennifer Price


SCDM – Update From the Board –  May 2018


Hello SCDM friends,


This newsletter, instead of talking about all the fantastic opportunities for learning SCDM has to offer, I’d like to share how my participation in SCDM recently significantly changed my life.


Over the past few months, I have changed jobs, and I have several friends in the industry that have also changed jobs.  Finding a job you love isn’t easy, and sometimes interests change and grow projecting us on a new and exciting pathway.  There are many reasons that people change jobs.  Sometimes we want to try something different.  Sometimes we want to be in a different environment.  Sometimes we want to try out a different type of company culture. I’ve worked with big pharma, small pharma, CROs and technology vendors, so I know a bit about different workplace cultures.


I owe my job change to SCDM, and I know others do too.  It’s not always evident and on our minds, but everybody we meet at SCDM thru the many conferences or virtually through volunteer work can be our next coworker, boss, or employee.


I have met many people at SCDM, starting as an attendee chatting to my neighbor at lunch or in-  between sessions.  When I first started attending, the presenters and session chairs that I met were role models because they knew so much about data management, they were gracious with their knowledge and answered my questions, helping me to learn.  As I gained knowledge, I took that leap to submit my first abstract, and make my first presentation, then got involved with creating chapters for the GCDMP.


I got a call in January that projected me on a path to a new position.  The call came from somebody I know thru SCDM.  Somebody I had never worked with, but I knew from attending presentations, and interacting with at the conference.  This somebody had seen me speak about topics that I am passionate about, and knew I volunteered in the GCDMP committees. This person, who had never seen my resume, decided that I would be a good fit for their company based on the topics that I chose to speak about, and the groups I chose to volunteer with.  From our interactions at SCDM, this person knew I was passionate about Data Management and love technology.  I am grateful to SCDM and our members for providing this opportunity for us to interact with others involved in Data Management.


I know several others who have recently switched jobs in the same manner, via a SCDM connection.  If you have been influenced by SCDM in any way, please drop me a line and let me know.  I’d love to hear from you.


There are several upcoming chances to meet others that may change your life.  See our volunteer page for different volunteer opportunities, and when the opportunity presents itself to be a session chair, or submit an abstract, take the leap.  It may benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.


Jennifer Price



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